About Us

What we do

When faced with a challenging economy and rising debt, companies often rush to increase their sales and cut costs to get the liquidity they need to stay afloat.
But often, the solution for a quick injection of cash can be found right within their organisation.

We specialise in unlocking that cash by assessing your customer and supplier cycles and pinpointing the flaws in your working capital strategy which keep money out of your bank account.

Whether you need to improve your inflow of cash or make your working capital management foolproof for the future, our experts can design and implement cash flow securing strategies, recover your debt, or train your staff to be more responsible with your firm’s working capital management. Our services include:

Debt Collection

Our debt collection team and debt collection software get you the results you want while maintaining good relationships with your customers.




We offer continuous advice and support to help you secure your cash flow, improve your company image, and your processes by reviewing them from top to bottom.



A financially stable company starts with financially responsible staff. Our training upskills your staff to help you make sure that their actions guarantee an optimum cash flow for your company.


Why Work With Us

Customised Solutions

After years of experience working with clients across different industries both locally and abroad, we are able to understand the specificities of your business and find the solutions which suit your needs.

A Humane Approach

We do not believe in aggressive debt collection methods. Instead, we work to find common ground between you and your debtors to preserve your image and secure your debt.

Success Fee Model

Our debt collection service charges you only for successful debts secured and nothing more.

Seniority and Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in working capital management and debt recovery services, working with clients in Mauritius and abroad.

Our Team

Thibaud De Moucheron


Thibaud created BFR Tools Management after 20 years of experience in working capital management as a partner for the likes of Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Ineum Consulting. Thibaud brings his experience and vision for the convergence of the commercial and financial interests of a capital management project.

He is also the co- author of the book “Le Cash Cutting” which contains all the experience he has gathered over the years.

Guillaume Hardy

Executive Director

After having worked 2 years in London as Financial Analyst from 1998 to 2000 he started his career in Mauritius at PWC, then joined Barclays Bank PLC in the Premier Banking Department as Personal Banker for 2 years. Guillaume joined Automatic Systems Ltd (listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius) in September 2003 and was appointed General Manager in
2012 and Managing Director in 2014 until August 2020. He now acts as Non-executive Director.
He has acquired a useful combination of entrepreneurial, business and finance expertise together with a strong sense of governance and ethics.

Dorian Thévenet

Business Development Manager

Dorian’s career path in client relations started in 2005 at EuroCRM. In 2011, he discovered the world of Debt Recovery where he managed both amicable and litigious client portfolios. He joined iQera Indian Ocean in 2016, a debt collections pioneer for the French market where he became a specialist in training and development in the field of debt collection and customer relations, and an expert in quality management systems. With 17 years of Client Relations work and 11 years of Debt Recovery experience under his belt, Dorian is more than capable of implementing the processes you need for your business.