Debt Collection

Collecting your payments is essential to keeping your business running.
However, not all clients are willing to pay and chasing them up can be a time consuming and resource intensive process. Trusting us with your debt collection needs helps you save time and manpower and significantly increases your chance of recovering any outstanding debts.

Why use our Debt Collection Services?

High Success Rate

After years of experience collecting debts from B2B and B2C clients, our trained professionals have a high success rate in guaranteeing you a positive outcome and getting the money owed to you, in your bank account.

A Cordial but Assertive Approach

Debt collection doesn’t have to be contentious or ruin your reputation as a company. Our debt collection process helps you maintain a cordial relationship with your clients while working towards convincing them to pay you for your products and services. We offer flexibility to your debtors and work to understand their problems to achieve a positive outcome.

Software Solutions

In addition to our team bringing a human touch to the debt collection process, we also use the Taiga SaaS platform to help speed up and smoothen the debt collection process. Should you wish to run your debt collection operations in-house, Taiga can help you:

  • Automate reminders
  • Reduce the possibility of litigation
  • Personalised reporting
  • Daily integration of data

To learn more about Taiga, click here.

Legal Knowledge

Our team is well versed in the laws concerning debt recovery. This allows us to better protect your interests when dealing with your clients and put forward assertive arguments to help you recover your debt.

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